Commitment to Excellence 2018

ATG hosts an annual Commitment to Excellence to reaffirm our commitment to developing our staff and continuing to be leaders in our industry. As new technology emerges, it is our responsibility to remain ahead of the curve and understand how it will affect our clients and communities. This year ATG staff addressed the challenges posed by an emerging technology, Autonomous Vehicles. Over the course of the Commitment to Excellence, teams spent months researching how Autonomous Vehicles will impact the we plan our communities, invest in and design transit systems, conduct Traffic Impact Analyses, and simulate roadways.

The staff members that choose to participate formed into groups in early 2018 to research, write TRB quality papers, and present their findings to a panel of judges that ATG called in from around the state. These judges came from many of our favorite clients and partners including: Jason JonMichael (Assistant Director of Smart Mobility – City of Austin), Scott James (City of Austin – Planning and Development Review Department), Steven Boyles (Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering – The University of Texas), Steven Salin (Vice president of Rail Planning – DART), Elena Buentello (Planner – Corpus Christi MPO), and Jeff Shelton (Texas A&M Transportation Institute – El Paso Program).

After evaluating the papers and presentations, our judges chose two winning teams. For the Engineering Division: Team Innovation and Autonomy with members Bethany James, Julia Colman, and Haley Hutson. For the Planning Division: Team … AV is it all GrAVy? with members Bradley Brey, Jonathan Mosteiro, Tim Simon, and Lauren Osborne.

In second place for the Engineering Division was Simulate Tomorrow with team members Cody Stone, Hannah Heyerdahl, and Ben Wallach. In second place for the planning division were the Seals of Excellence with members Bradley Brey, Tim Slivensky, Anthony Gavlik, and Bill Loudon.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Commitment to Excellence, and a special thank you to our CEO, Gayle Heath, who contributed $20,000 in prize money for the competition.