Intuit, Mayo Clinic, and Verizon understand TDM, more HR pros need to get it as well

Intuit, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., is spotlighted in this article about the importance of human-resources professionals advancing transportation-demand initiatives at companies. The Mayo Clinic and Verizon are also featured for their impressive corporate TDM programs.

Although commuter programs may fall outside the scope of HR, some employers say this national recognition is part of their hiring and retention strategies. So whether HR professionals actually develop and oversee these subsidized benefits, which range from discounted bus passes and vanpools to free shuttles and bicycles, or simply help promote them to employees, they offer an effective way to grab, engage and retain skilled workers.

Check out these Employer Supported transportation programs.

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Commuter programs prove beneficial to the environment and good for business in terms of recruiting, retention and engagement. HR just needs to make a better case for them.