Kudos Korner: Transportation Planner Tim Simon Receives “Mover & Shaker” Award

As a result of the May Young Professionals (YP) Meeting last week, Transportation Planner Tim Simon was selected as the “Mover & Shaker” of the Month.

Thank you all for the great honor. Although I am new here, everyone has made me feel welcome and fostered a great environment to work in. I definitely would not be a Mover or a Shaker had it not been for the great mentoring and support from my fellow staff.

~ Tim

 Here’s why…

“Although he has only been here a few months, Tim has already helped us to successfully expand our transit practice to include transit service planning. Tim championed our pursuit of two projects that ‘conventional wisdom’ suggested we should no-go. Tim came to the discussion with a demonstrated passion for the work and his enthusiasm and optimism were contagious. He turned the decision around and accepted responsibility for leading the pursuit. As the pursuit manager, Tim exhibited leadership and commitment that resulted in ATG winning both projects!”

“As a new employee, Tim immediately jumped right into everything with confidence and energy. This is especially impressive because this is his first time working on the consulting side of things, with his background working in transit authorities. He didn’t hesitate to begin marketing Alliance to potential clients so that he could build the company’s new transit service planning practice, which is one of the major assets he brought to the table. Now just a few months in, he has recently led Alliance to wins on two new projects related to transit service planning. I think this is a sign that there is more good to come from Tim!”

We are so proud of Tim for his drive to further Alliance’s transit practice, his enthusiasm around the office, and leading the way in new marketing pursuits!

The “Mover & Shaker” Award is presented via “KUDOS KORNER,” a YP Initiative @ Alliance.

KUDOS KORNER, is an in-house employee appreciation initiative championed by our Young Professionals Group to promote peer-to-peer praise, spread good news throughout the office, and provide a way for YPs to provide positive feedback and contribute to the company culture. Each month a call for nominations goes out firm-wide. All nominations are reviewed and top candidates selected by the officers. During the following YP meeting, the YP members review the top candidates and take a vote. The “Mover & Shaker” is presented with the “Mike Heath” (our ‘Oscar’) and bragging rights for the month. 

Alliance’s Young Professional Group is an interdisciplinary organization within ATG that extends Alliance’s culture and values throughout our workplace, our profession, and our community. The YP group provides a forum for learning and developing leadership, technical, and business skills that encourages hard work, fosters ingenuity, and promotes collaboration. This initiative is accessible to all, but caters to technical staff with less than ten years’ experience.