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#1: How far is too far to bike to work? by world traveler Mike McLeish took 2017’s top honor, probably because more and more people are considering this very question as they get smarter about their transportation options.

#2: Vox/Mobility Lab video: The high cost of free parking
Despite being the fanciest, most high-production video we’ve made yet (with 2.6 million views on YouTube and Facebook and counting), our explainer on how we’ve done parking all wrong in the U.S. and can hopefully reimagine it surprisingly clocks in as only our second-most popular post of the year.

#3: Kicking the drive-alone habit has been key to Seattle’s economic boom
The story that resonated the most from our true breadbasket of expertise (TDM and encouraging people to get cars off the road to ease traffic and make the world a better place) was this one about the amazing work being done in Seattle, which is one of the few cities creating a blueprint for the rest of the country.

#4: Tech may be the cure for collisions between buses and people biking and walking
Autonomous vehicles began to fill an inordinate amount of space in our online magazine this year. This interview about vehicle cameras with Uri Tamir of Intel’s Mobileye was the most popular of our many articles, and the topic of AVs will continue in 2018 to become more and more important to TDM professionals (see #5).

#5: Cities will need to fight zero-occupant miles with “TDM for autonomous vehicles”

#6: U.S. DOT envisions trails can be part of core transportation networks 2010 was a landmark year when biking and walking were finally considered official forms of transportation. This article details what happened and how the country is still in its infancy in thinking about and operationalizing the ways trails can be just as important as roads.

#7: Bike parking and the bottom line
If there were ever a concise case to be made to business CEOs and retail owners as to why they need to invest in bike parking (it somehow still remains counterintuitive), this just might be it.

#8: Inspiring transit ridership requires meeting people where they are
This article digs deep into the American Public Transportation Association’s new report to find out Who Rides Public Transportation?

#9: Portland’s parking-policy successes will get a go now in California
See the video above at #2. The successful step after understanding how bad most parking policies are is to fix them, and this article looks at Portland, Ore., and California as case studies of where parking pricing has a fighting chance of becoming logical, fair, and economically beneficial.

#10: How ride-hailing is disrupting transit, the auto industry, and our communities
Via is a ride-hailing company that understands what a potentially smart idea it is to partner with core transit systems. The company’s model includes a strategy for truly making places better.

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