Forecasting for Transportation Improvements

ATG generates project and system level traffic and ridership forecasts to support the entire project development process:

  • Regional Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Project Design
  • Operational Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Project Prioritization

Our forecasting solutions cover the entire range and scale of projects … from site specific … through regional … and statewide … to national. Forecasting solutions are customized to address specific project requirements. We tailor our work to fit your schedule, budget and accuracy requirements. ATG develops forecasts for any mode of transportation (pedestrian, bike, vehicle, transit, or freight) and incorporates emerging transportation technologies and trends (e.g., autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing companies).

Forecasting techniques include the development of travel demand models and data driven solutions derived from traffic counts, GPS data, surveys, and anonymously collected mobile phone traces.

ATG has more full-time, dedicated travel demand modelers and traffic forecasters than most multi-national firms. ATG was founded in 1997, as a travel demand forecasting company that also collected its own travel surveys and traffic counts. As such, ATG has a deep and meaningful understanding of transportation data that form the foundation of the best forecasting solutions.

We partner with clients to deliver projects on-time and on-budget, while performing beyond expectations.

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