Improved Turn Lanes for the City of Cedar Park

The City of Cedar Park has experienced challenges with a number of intersections that needed improvements for safety and operational concerns. Alliance was called in to lead the efforts on the Intersection Improvements Project, a critical project for Cedar Park.

Each of the intersection locations is heavily traveled, serving businesses, retail shops, restaurants, theaters, recreation centers, and schools. Within each intersection project, additional challenges included utilities, drainage, tree relocation, and water quality. Together with our team of subcontractors, the Alliance experts addressed work involved in the project that included PS&E, surveying, all permitting, identification of additional ROW requirements, identification of utility requirements and conflicts, required City utility adjustments, coordination with utility companies and outside agencies, attending of utility coordination meetings, and public engagement.

While the City had a limited budget for this project, our team worked with them to refine their scope of work so that we could deliver the services they needed. We were able to widen lanes to accommodate the sidewalk behind the curb, reducing the need for a special ADA design. The City was able to keep the existing lift station in place, saving time and money, until such time as they were prepared to move it.

There were a number of small projects located in the Edwards Aquifer recharge and contributing zones. The Alliance team followed the full TCEQ regulations.

Our team brought to the Intersection Improvements Project the skills and experience honed on similar projects, as well as a strong local presence and, in some cases, a personal stake in the success of the turn lane improvements. The Alliance project manager has been a resident of the City of Cedar Park for 8 years, and lives less than 3 miles from the project locations.

Alliance partnered with subcontractors experienced in engineering, environmental, permitting, and regulatory services to provide solutions that help make lives better for the residents of the City of Cedar Park and for those travelers who navigate these challenging intersections. The construction of these intersections will help improve mobility and wait times for the area.